sea of quandary

sea of quandary


Why do we always lie to ourselves?

The way the sunlight glances on your shoulders.

Your hair shimmers in the shadows of the trees.

Is nothing pure?

Is everyone selfish?

Can we escape solitude if we build a draw bridge that is controlled by discernment?

We stand in a sea of quandary. Pulled in two directions.

Good to evil as nice is to bad.

why do we live in a world deep rooted in sad.

the cold, cold steel pierces your brow.

sweat beads and the choice is now.

twist, turn, laugh and dance.

leave nothing to chance.

eyes filled with slumber, you awaken to the best.

Your soul beats, can it find rest?

Do I Please you God?

This is a FLASHBACK moment for all of you Friday Night FIRE people…

Do I Please you God?

Several months ago at Friday night prayer night, I was sitting in the back of the large dark room that was dimly lit by candles, soft lamps and a black light. The worship music was playing and I sat gazing across the room watching all of God’s children worshiping their savior. There were the floor layers that were sprawled out, the pacers moving and weaving and the worshipers with their arms stretched all in unison of the goal to get a touch from the Lord. At that moment I was overtaken by a wave of the Holy Spirit as I turned my head toward the ceiling I asked God a question as tears welled up in my eyes. “Does this please you God?” My wife and I have been doing a prayer night once a week for the last two and a half years, and it had just occurred to me that I had never asked God that question. I asked him again, “Does this please you God?” As I asked that question for the second time I realized, I needed validation from my Father. As Christians it’s ingrained into our brains that praying and reading your bible is good and pleasing to God. But at that moment I wanted to hear my Father say it. I need him to tell me. Then my heavenly dad spoke, “Your human understanding can not comprehend how much it means to me that you choose me. You choose me on a Friday night. I see how busy you are at work all week. I understand that you are tired and just want to relax, there are thousands of other things you could be doing right now. But you choose me. You’ll never know or be able to understand how much it means to me. How pleasing this is to me. Every time you choose me over the things of this world. Thank you for choosing me.”

I realized that night all I want to do is please my God. If it doesn’t please my Father than I don’t want to do it. I want you to be proud of me Jesus. When I get to heaven and stand before you I want you to be so proud of me. When you say those words, “Good and faithful servant,” I want you to say those words with pride, because I chose to please you every day of my life.