About Andrew

[quote_right]God, I will keep knocking and I will keep asking until your kingdom has come.[/quote_right]

As a 33-year old aspiring writer,  inspired by the Holy Spirit, Andrew Thurber and his beautiful wife of 9 years, Dawn, just had their first child Jude Andrew on May 24, 2011. Growing up as a New York native and Pastor’s son, Andrew was tainted by several negative misconceptions. A mentality of restricted Christian moral and theological obligations, various hidden troubles of serving in ministry, and a personal realization that church primarily housed pain and betrayal, were all factors leading to his decision to live independently at the age of fifteen.

This seemingly independent lifestyle from God turned into 7 years of dependence on alcohol, drugs, and partying which eventually led to poverty and emptiness. There were instances where he was so desperate that digging for change in a couch to buy a 29 cent hamburger became part of the daily norm.

God saw Andrew’s broken life of desperation and spoke to his heart with a promise that still resounds today. He told Andrew, “If you live for me, I will bless you beyond your imagination.” Although that was a staggering truth to behold, becoming a Pastor was never a desire for Andrew and becoming a writer did not seem feasible either.

Nonetheless, Andrew knew that God had something for him and made a decision that eternally transformed his life. After abandoning all misconceptions, negative ideas, and selfish desires of the past, Andrew now serves the Lord and His people with anew found love for others, immeasurable joy, a life of raw faith, incomparable satisfaction, accomplishment in Christ, and zeal for everything God plans for his life and future.