To blog or not to blog

To blog or not to blog, isn’t even a question anymore. Anybody that is somebody blogs. I guess at least that is what I am being told. I am not that type of person who is the first to jump on board to the newest crave or fad, especially with technology. It’s only been ten years since I’ve owned a cell phone. Not that I live my life in fear, I just don’t like to be the first to try anything. What if a year later after releasing the first cell phones it was determined that they cause brain cancer? Or iPhones can cause blindness. Or licking stamps can cause you to lose the taste for chocolate ice cream. Or Facebook is actually a paradise for stalkers and Twitter is just a socially acceptable way to live your life through someone else (I actually think to some degree those last two are true).

By the way, I stink at grammar and punctuation. So if you are an English major or just really good at English, you will be annoyed by my blog and need to give me grace. This is what God invented grace for. So when you see commas in weird places and new paragraphs appear randomly, just pray for me. I am also thankful that Jesus led someone by the Holy Spirit to invent spell check or no one would ever be able to read anything I write. I am a terrible speller, I mean really horrible. Maybe it’s because I cheated on spelling tests my whole life, but I have a personal belief that some people are born as gifted spellers and others are not.

I say all of that as an invitation to read my first book titled, “The Book of Lester.” Undoubtedly it had to be God who inspired me and gave me the intelligence to write it, because I am not that smart and I can’t spell! It’s quite an oxymoron when you consider how someone who writes a book, can’t spell. Okay, I am going to start a new paragraph to tell you about Lester.
Genre: Post-modern comedy, contemporary Christian, supernatural suspense with a twist of romance.
Say that 3 times fast….
Lester is a 30-year-old lost in the pain of losing his dream. He was training for the Olympics as a swimmer and at the age of 19, when a tragic car accident permanently injured his shoulder. He lost a scholarship due to a loss in range of motion. This event led to his decision to join a fraternity. Ten years after the injury, Lester still lives the frat-boy lifestyle, fully engrossed with an addiction to alcohol. He stumbles into work, hung over one Monday morning. His supervisor calls him into her office and asks, “Are you satisfied with your life? Do you find any sense of accomplishment from your job?” The answers are pretty obvious to Lester as he is shocked by her response. “Take the rest of the week off and come back Monday with the answers. The only kicker is that you have to open this book, a Gideon’s Bible, at some point of the week and use it to help you answer the questions.”

The Book of Lester is about a young man battling his inner demons with depression, addiction, loneliness and the pain he still deals with from his father leaving him at a young age. Lester will discover and come to the realization that there is an all-powerful God who can do supernatural things. The test comes whether his chronic pot-smoking best friend Jerry will prevent Lester from ever truly believing.
Thanks for stopping by and suffering through my first blog post.