Sneak Peaks

Here is a Sneak Peak from the next book being written by Andrew….

Perfect Will to the Promised Land

Perfect Will to the Promise Land is being written, because I believe so many Christians are missing out on all that God has for them. This book is mostly motivation and application driven, with fictitious stories throw in through out to help you understand the message of this book. The first part of this book is all about aligning yourself with God’s perfect will and the second part is about getting to your promise land.

Psalms 145:13 For your kingdom is an everlasting kingdom.You rule throughout all generations.The Lord always keeps his promises; he is gracious in all he does.

God’s promise’s last forever. He promised his original people the Israelites a promise land if they could only get through the wilderness. All they had to do is align themselves with the Holy Spirit and follow His direction and they would be given a place of milk and honey. This promise still rings true today. Are you willing to align yourself with the Holy Spirit? Can you make it through the wilderness? Do you believe God has a land of milk and honey for you?

Chapter 11
 : Get on the bus!

Now you have aligned yourself with God’s perfect will for your life. Your desires are His desires and His desires are yours.  You have completely died to your own ideas; officially dropping the pen to allow Jesus to become the author of your story. Your burning bush is identified as you hear the Holy Spirit speak. God is preparing a place for you, a place where you wake up excited every day to do His work. This is what I like to call your bus ticket.

As you step up to the small wooden ticket booth, butterflies of peace flutter through your senses.   Sweat trickles down the handle of your green leather suit case. Behind the counter, a man is leaning against the wall, dressed in a plain white collared shirt with hands tucked in faded blue jeans. As you step forward, he lifts his head, flashing a smile that could melt mountains; it was something like a microwave melts butter. With a stare from eyes that warm your every fiber, he tucks his brown, slightly wavy, shoulder-length hair, behind his ears. He points to a wooden board above his head with the listed departure and arrival times of various destinations.  This was no ordinary bus station; some buses reached their destinations earlier than others, despite leaving at a later time, and vice versa.

You question the man behind the counter, “Why do some buses leave earlier and get to their destinations at a later time?” As his face became serious, the man’s eyes transformed into shades of a fierce blue ocean. His voice was comparable to thunder and resonating musical notes, “There are three kinds of people in this world; some who miss their bus, some who rush to get on the first bus they see, and then there are those who wait for the call. Those are the ones that arrive when they are scheduled.” He reached underneath the desk to pull out a bus ticket and slid it across the counter.

You look at the ticket, “One more question. Why do they all have the same destination?” Musical thunder once again rolled off his tongue, as he spoke two words, “Promised Land.” He grabbed the baseball cap on the counter, flung it on his head, and turned to open a small wooden door.  Strolling out of the ticket booth, he waved to the few passengers who were standing in line to get on the bus. The ticket is itchy as wool in your hand. Surrounded in fear, you grip the suitcase with all your might.  Examining the plain white bus–the complete antithesis of warmth and comfort–memories of an old prison transport bus come to mind. Doubt riddles your thoughts as you watch while someone preparing to get on the bus drops their suitcase and runs away in a frantic panic. The ticket becomes hot in your hand as insecurity enthralls your brain. One thought after another you hear, “This is a mistake. It’s too soon. I am not smart enough. I am giving up too much. There will always be another bus.”

The last person steps on the bus as you are about to turn away, when your eyes glance at the eyes of the man you encountered earlier. With one foot on the step of the bus, he is now standing right there next to you. His eyes are a comforting green, soothing to the nerves. His bottom lip quivers as a tear rolls down the cheek.  He disappears inside the bus as the door squeaks to close behind him. A different fear pushes you forward. Fear of missing out on the most incredible ride of your life is raging through you like adrenaline. Through the windows of the bus door, you stare face-to-face at the driver. The engine starts and the bus jerks forward.
“Hey, I want to get on!” 
You beat on the door as the bus begins to lurch forward.  “Please, I have to get on this bus! I am sorry I should have got on right away, but I was afraid.” 
The wheels of the bus roll faster and faster. Desperate, you run alongside the bus, banging with both hands while it continues to pick up speed. Your leg muscles burn. Tears build up as exhaust fills your nostrils. Sweat pours down into your eyes with a painful sting.
Your tonsils burn as you scream with one last gasp, “Pleeese stop! “  
Now bursting in tears, “I want to go to my promised land!”

The bus comes to a screeching halt. With hands on knees, you hear the piercing noise of the door opening. You make the forty-yard dash to the door and tumble up the stairs in complete exhaustion. Your body collapses into the first seat you see. The ticket booth guy–now the bus driver–stands up in front of everyone on the bus. Now his voice was not that of powerful thunder, but instead like the calmness of a cool breeze on a hot summer day. “If you would have just got on when I asked, you wouldn’t have to go through all that.”  
You wipe the sweat off your forehead. 
The bus driver pulls a name tag from a piece of paper which reads, “Hello, my name is Jesus,” and sticks it on his chest.
The calmness of his voice put everyone at ease, “I’ll be your bus driver until you reach your destination. Please fasten your seat belts; for some of you it’s going to be a really bumpy ride.”

Many people have aligned themselves with God’s perfect will and been given a bus ticket to their promised land; only to let the devil snuff out the destination in the last moment.  This was the case with the person who was standing in line to get on the bus, but freaked out at the last minute and ran in the opposite direction. So many of us have come extremely close to getting on the bus, then allowed the devil to come in like a lion and devour the very hope and promise given by the Holy Spirit. It’s as though you willingly give your bus ticket to the devil to rip up.
What does the bus represent? In this story, the bus represents surrendering all of your hand-written blueprints and allowing the Holy Spirit to lead you to the place you were born to be. It is permitting Jesus to be that bus driver; always trusting that He is taking you to the right destination at the right time.