The Call To Denver

The Call to Denver and Passionate Life Church.


If you spend anytime with Andrew and Dawn Thurber you will find they are as real as it gets. Their passion for Christ and desire to serve his call is quite apparent and incredibly infectious.

Andrew comes from a family of fourth generations of pastors, and if asked if he ever thought he’d be in the ministry, he would just smile and say that he never wanted to be a pastor. After a turbulent youth, Andrew found himself newly married, living in Phoenix, Arizona, and seeking God for direction.

Andrew recalls driving to work one morning, and hearing God begin to impart the vision of the next season in his heart. “I saw these two doors, and it was like that game show “let’s make a deal”. I saw the first door and the Holy Spirit said, “I will not withhold my blessing from you if you stay here in Phoenix, but behind door number two there is a bigger blessing.” Excited about the next season and a new business venture, Andrew and Dawn sold everything and moved to Jacksonville, Florida.

Door #2 would soon become a reality.

Door #2

The Thurber’s believe that coming to Jacksonville was God’s funny way of getting their hearts ready to hear the call to Denver. Soon after arriving in Jacksonville, they began to attend Celebration Church under the leadership of Stovall and Kerri Weems. They immediately knew this was where they needed to be to help them gain a greater vision of what church needed to look and feel like. The next season they became submersed in the culture and DNA of Celebration Church through serving and fasting.

After a three day fast, Andrew joined his church family at an Encounter Night, an evening devoted to experiencing the presence of God in a greater way through prayer and worship. As Andrew was worshiping he felt the Holy Spirit tell him to “stand in the back row of the church, and worship.” Intitially reluctant, he took his shoes off and began to worship with total freedom. Later he felt the Holy Spirit say, “Get on your face!”, after an amazing God encounter, Andrew heard God tell him that He’d been called to Denver, Colorado to plant a church where there are thousands of souls awaiting.  Andrew was quite taken back, and replied “Lord, I believe you’ve called me, but I am going to need a supernatural confirmation! I am not going to tell anyone until I have my burning bush!”

The Burning Bush

A year later Andrew had only briefly mentioned this encounter to Dawn and was awaiting his “supernatural confirmation”. It was during this season that Andrew and Dawn went on a mission trip to Washington D.C., to help the newly launched D.C. Metro Church and Pastor David Stine. One evening at dinner Andrew felt compelled to share his secret with Pastor David. Pastor David encouraged Andrew and said “you have three years to get there!” It was then that Andrew truly felt the pastoral anointing come over him and he felt strengthened to move towards the goal of Denver.

The team they’d traveled with headed back to the hotel to spend some time after dinner in prayer and Andrew began to share a story about his Great Grandpa Davis. This story he’d shared several times, but this night was different.


Hear Andrew and Dawn tell the
story that was told that night

[Listen] Grandpa Davis
(the supernatural confirmation)

After sharing his secret with Pastor David and the realization that the Lord had confirmed Denver through his Great Grandpa Davis, Andrew then told Dawn the vision of Denver. Overwhelmed, they both cried and prayed together sealing the call and the next season, Passionate Life Church in Denver Colorado.

Please stay glued to Andrew for information on Passionate Life Church launching in 2012.