Book review: “The Book of Lester”

“Are we here to entertain Christians or to get people saved?” was Andrew’s reply as the publishing editor continued to explain the reasons why they could and would not publish his book.  “It’s too risky.  This book is five years ahead of the market, it has too many drug and alcohol references, and we just can’t risk losing money on this.  My Midwest, middle aged, readers will not buy this book.  Come back with an Amish story and we’ll consider it.”

Andrew left his third 15 minute interview with hopes crushed.  He had come in with such enthusiasm and faith.  “God, you called me to write this book, now, to only be rejected by every publishing company I presented my story to.”  Anger rushed through Andrew’s veins as he headed to his hotel in Denver, CO.  He got to his hotel room, sat on the edge of the bed, and pouted for about 20 minutes.  Then he heard the voice of God say, “are you finished?”  With passion in his heart and determination in his being, “yes, Lord.  But why is this happening?  Why did you want me to write this book if every publisher I go to rejects it and rejects me?”  God answered, “Because I wanted you to experience rejection; the rejection that my people feel every day.  The rejection people have felt when they put themselves out there and people just turn them away.  This is how each person will feel when they enter into your church; hurt, wounded, desperate, and rejected.  I want you to know how they feel because that is the only way you will be able to reach them, the way I reached you with compassion and acceptance.”

And this is how the story began.  God called us to self publish because He wanted us to take the risk that no one else wanted to take.  We are risk takers, faith walkers, hand to the plow kind of people and we’re not going to stop now.  God has written this book through Andrew and He doesn’t want to change one thing about it.  It’s too “radical” for the Christians and too “Jesus” for the secular.  Well, it’s exactly what God wants in order to show that He is the one who will receive all of the glory for the success of this book, The Book of Lester.

I know what you’re thinking, “She is his wife, and she is supposed to think great things about his book.”  Yes and no.  I believe in my husband and know he is gifted and can write a good book.  I also know that he hears the voice of God and walks his faith each day as he rises and spends countless hours praying and studying God’s word.  I know that this book was inspired and written by God Himself.  It’s too good not to be.  ;)

Now to my review:  This is a fictional, suspense, dark comedy, love story with a fun twist.  I was fully engaged within the first couple of chapters with the witty humor and realistic dialogue of two buddies, an annoying co-worker, and a stickler boss.  It opens up with a typical Monday morning, friendship, and the daily grind.  It pleasantly leads into a challenging personal self reflection, love, and real life struggles like depression, anger, suicide, and addiction.  I loved how Andrew developed each character so that I could relate to and connect with each one on several different levels.  Not only did I laugh, cry, and get angry but I also felt joy, excitement, and passion for the characters.  I was kept in suspense to the very end.  I was shocked yet satisfied as I read the last page.  It left me wanting more.  I can see the purpose of this book would be to give it to a friend that might be struggling with questions in their heart about life and purpose.  It will definitely evoke great conversation and make you think about what’s really going on around you.  I would even give it to a Midwest, middle aged, reader because I know this book is for everyone!

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God Bless & Love!

-Dawn Thurber

The wife of Andrew Thurber, Enthusiastic & Riveting New Author –

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